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Girl Guiding - Canada Style!
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you can have my precious bones on my return [userpic]

I am looking for a particular participation story, but of course all my Guiding books are back home in Canada while I am in Bath (England)! So I was hoping someone could type up/scan the story for me. The one I'm looking for is in the Campfire Songs & Activities book. (You know, the big blue one that is spiral bound, has sort of a triangle and a fire on the front?) It's the one about how Guiding started, though I forget what it's called.

If anyone could help, that would be fantastic! I'm helping to plan the local Thinking Day and thought this would be a great addition to the ceremony.

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Caro [userpic]

Now that we're all back into the swing of things, I thought I'd solicit for fundraising ideas!

I am taking a group of small-town girls to Europe in 2009 (independent trip) and we're all burned out of selling things. We're now looking for labour based fundraising like coat checks, highway cleanup (the Alberta government pays $55/km), delivering phone books. 

Ideally I'd like to involve the girls more than the parents, since the parents are the ones selling and buying all our stuff. We are also afraid of burning out the very generous residents of their town by knocking on their door every other week, in addition to all the other organizations selling things. 

Does anyone have any tried and true labour based fundraising that we might be overlooking?


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Does anyone know the new version of the Kumbaya song? I learnt it at a Campfire Magic we had here but it's ELUDING me right now. I just need words for the three (four?) parts, I think i know the tune

can't think of a name [userpic]

Okay--this is driving me crazy today.

The song Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy. It seems to me that I knew four verses, but I can only remember three. Can anyone help me out?

What I remember:

Chorus: Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy?
Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy?
Giddy and foolish all day long
Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy?

Way down south where bananas grow
A flea stepped on an elephant's toe
The elephant cried with tears in his eyes
Pick on someone your own darn size


Way up north where there's ice and snow
There was a penguin and his name was Joe
He got so tired of black and white
He wore pink pants to the dance last night.


A horse and a flea and three blind mice
Sat on a curbstone shooting dice
The horse he slipped and fell on the flea
Whoops, said the flea, there's a horse on me.

I've looked on-line and I've found other verses, but not the one I (sort of) remember. The bits and pieces that I remember of the verse has to do with a cat sitting on a sewing machine and sewing his tail, but I can't find reference to this verse anywhere.

Can anyone help me out?


I am going to be a Part-time pathfinder leader in Edmonton this year as well as a Brownie Leader!


I am so excited!!

So I have had this brilliant idea for enrollment, but I need some help.

Our setup is a little bare. We have our toadstool, we have our owl (which I think has been lost and replaced with a gopher...), and our "grass" that is a million years old and has beautiful stiching of an elf, a fairy, a nymph and something else. Anyway, I've been trying to think of ways to get out entire little setup a little bit more...jazzzzzzy!


Ok, so my idea is that the girls will "plant" brownie seeds on the first meeting. I will bring in a planter with some dirt and the girls can plants seeds of some kind and then we'll talk about what kind of flower we're growing. We'll talk about our roots (The Brownie Story) and the importnat things we need to grow as a Brownie like sun and water (Promise and Law).

We'll keep the planter in the circle so we can watch the progress (meanwhile Ivy Owl [me] will be bringing it home and making it grow with special powers hahaha) and by the time enrollment comes there will be flowers (real) as well as Brownie flowers -- Paper flowers with each girls face on it. THEN AT ENROLLMENT we can do our little play or whatever we're going to do and then they will say their promise and law and then we can say "and now you have bloomed into a new brownie! or second year brownie! or third year brownie!

If we did them in little individual pots they could each take their brownie flower and their real flower home! BOOM INSTANT ENROLMENT GIFT!

Any help/advice/suggestions etc to this theme would be awesome. AWESOME.

Phaedra [userpic]

Hi girls!

I am a former member of GG, who was involved in all levels of Guiding, from Sparks to Rangers, and then I was a Guider for two years. I re-located for school in September 2005, so I have been kind of "out of the loop" since. I'm looking to get involved again as a Guider for the 2007-2008 year, so I have been trying to read about this Transformation business. I have to say, I'm very confused. Could someone who is familiar with the project please break down the basic jist of it all? It would be super appreciated! Thanks!

Campfirrrreee Planning.

So I am heading to camp with my Brownies and another brownie group and we are going to be doing a Medieval themed camp, which I am completely pumped about. I am going to be planning the scavenger hunt as well as the campfire with the help of my co-leader. Yayayaya.

I am looking for a Fairy Tale esque story with actions. Like when you say princess there's an action or when you say dragon there's an action...I am just taking a shot to see if anyone has any on hand as my search has been essentially fruitless to date.

Any help would be totally appreciated.

Has anyone ever been to Campfire Magic?

Kirky [userpic]

Does anyone out there have an old Cadet scarf (yellow with white stripes) that they'd be willing to part with? The new scarves are all kind of disappointing, but the Cadet one is even more disappointing because the yellow leaves barely show up on the white background.


you can have my precious bones on my return [userpic]

A forwarded message, from one of the directors of the summer program of my local girlguide camp:

Attention EVERYONE!!!
Have you ever (EVER) camped at Camp Woolsey in Ottawa? If so, then we’d like to extend a special invitation to you! This year, Woolsey is celebrating its 70th birthday party! We are planning a special Alumnus Party and we want everyone to come! It will take place on Saturday, July 21st, from noon to about 8pm. We’ll have camp tours, crafts, hikes and games, historical information, boating and swimming, a BBQ dinner, and of course, a great big CAMPFIRE!

If you want to come and celebrate with us, you will need to pre-register. More information can be found on our website at http://www.campwoolsey.ca/birthday_party.htm.

Can’t wait to see y’all this summer!!

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