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Girl Guiding - Canada Style!
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June 2010
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Heather [userpic]
Online GGC New Banking System SUCKS

I'm new to the world of finances normally I don't do both, but my new leaders weren't really comfortable since i was the most experienced at running and organizing meetings 18 years to be exact 8 of those years in the same unit. I'm glad I'm dealing with this problem rather then one of them. I work over nights and don't go to school so I have a lot of time to deal with it.

My mom was our old Community Guider for half of my community and another lady was for the other half. They still get the e-mails from different people then I do. I was reading one of them of course with her p remission, I don't have it on me right now but basically the new "Transformation " of Guiding gets a failing grade. This was mainly about the banking system, which I'm 100% agreeing on what their saying.

I've had nothing but trouble with them. Here I am trying to pay everything off on time while their not doing their part. I'm trying to sort out another situation now the lady said she's going to call me back in ten minutes so thats good.

But I really am tired of this. I'm trying to pay off cookies I've asked for an extension becuase every time I'm looking at my banking account I'm missing more money. Yes I do have some waiting for Province to verify I notified my UA today. but , thats not it. What really stressed me out was Thursday Night before camp at the end of April we had over 500 dollars. When I checked the Monday I come home I stayed at my parents on Sunday I was down to 130. A good chunk  of cookie money gone. I swore and cursed and called up the ladies right away saying calmly " What happened????? " 

They were dummies according to her, my response in my head I called them assholes. They made a mistake of transferring out 210 dollars twice for Registration Money that they've already done in the fall. Registration money gets withdrawn from our account at the end of the year now ?? i don't think so ladies. She put the money back in, but it only went to 410. 110 dollars I'm missing still not sure where they went. My UA received the receipts today so she'll verify them.

They transfered out cookie money this week I only let them take out 200 dollars which by my calculations brought me down to 210 dollars. With the extra cookie money I added in Tuesday should have brought me back up to 400 dollars or more. Nope, I'm at 358. Which means something happened.....again.

The lady said that she'll call me back she's just finishing something up first and then she'll go through it with me. Thats nice, I wanted to go to the bank today to deposit a cheque I have for cookies now I have to wait for her phone call.

I don't like the new system because there IS no e-mail notification when huge amounts of money is withdrawn from your account from province. I  checked it this week because my cookie cord said to check it somewhere around May 18th but with other activities they don't tell you the exact day that their transferring out money.

All I want is a short e-mail saying " We've withdrawn your camp deposit for _____ this much. Or your Rally Day Money has been with drawn. " 

That way I can go on and check now I'm checking like every day just to make sure things are ifne. I have more cookie money to put in, but I'm afraid to right now. I have one leader who is not happy that she's not getting paid back for more then we asked her to get for camp. Thats another post! What am i suppose to pay her with? I have to pay cookies back first, before anything else. She was going on about how she won't see me to collect the money hello... i explained to her many times GGC will send her a cheque in the mail. She doesn't have to see me over the summer.

Anyone know a number or e-mail I can call / e-mail I've tried the unit banking one but no response back from my complaint. I'm taking this to head office. I've spoken to my unit administrator and my community guider knows the situation but the attitude I'm getting from the unit banking ladies is " we don't really care. " 

I'm looking for an e-mail prefer e-mails because I am hearing impaired and its hard now a days for me to use the phone. How do you like the new banking system?


*hugs* I have no idea who you should contact, but I am *very* glad that I don't deal directly with the money system, as it seems that most units have troubles with it. My co-leader deals with it, as she used to do accounting at one point, and has always handled her family's finances. I am still waiting on reimbursement for purchases from over 2 months ago :(

I called the unit banking talked to one person, then another lady talked to me afterwards saying we received a complaint from the inforomation@guides Ontario. I said I e-mailed it there cause I had no idea. I suggested that they set up an automatic system (which i know can be done) every time a big amount of money from the units again by province is being withdrawn. So the leader whose dealing with it has it on file. That way if province messes up (like they did to mine) the leader can go back on her e-mails that she received saying " Hey you already did this in the fall why are you doing this again now. " I explained to them I'm not only thinking of myself I'm thinking of other guiders who can't access their online banking every single day. I'm lucky enough to but I shouldn't have to ya know?
Poor lady I spoke to is stressed out as well. I said I'm not really mad its just the stress. She likes the idea of the automatic e-mail system alert so fingers are crossed!