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Girl Guiding - Canada Style!
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June 2010
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Hilary [userpic]
Looking for a teddy bear host


I'm a Brownie Guider from the UK. As part of our centenary celebrations, we are sending a teddy bear around the world. I am looking for hosts willing to take care of browniebear100for a few days and post about her travels on the community browniebear_combefore sending her on to the next hosts.

Anyone interested? If you can't host Brownie Bear, you can still follow her travels on LJ.


OMG, my Sparks (5-6) would LOVE that! I'm interested! I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada! Would the bear like to visit the Westcoast?

That would be great. PM me with your email.

Alli, you beat me to it! My Sparks would also love that!

Do you want just brownie groups or are other ages okay? I can bring it up to my Pathfinder group on Tuesday when we meet!

All ages are fine.

I'll mention it to them, can you give me your email address so that one of them can contact you if interested?

Of course you can.

PM me your email.

I would also be interested in this! I am a Brownie leader from Ontario, Canada.

PM me your email and I can get in touch.