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Girl Guiding - Canada Style!
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can't think of a name [userpic]

We had a great weekend camping with our Guides this year. It was a little controversial this year, because one of our Guiders wanted to go the place we went last year, which I'll admit was gorgeous and beautiful, but they charged us $12 per person per night, and we didn't even use the cabins! Because spring camp is for tenting. They had buildings and a kitchen with an industrial dishwasher, which again, nice, but not what we need for spring camping.

I suggested a provincial campground, because it would be cheaper and the girls would get a real camping experience. The other Guider kept asking what we'd do if it rained, and the other Guiders (three others) just said we'd get wet! And when we called the campground, it was a couple of weeks before they officially opened so we could camp for free. That's a savings of almost $700! Apparently, I wanted to go "wilderness" camping, but we had running water, a dining shelter, and outhouses--not exactly roughing it!

We invited the other Guide group from our district, because they only had one leader who was able to go camping, and the Pathfinder group, because their leaders hadn't planned a camp yet. We had 10 Guides from our unit, 9 Guides from the other unit, plus 3 Pathfinders, so a great number for a good camp.

Of course, by Friday morning before we were to leave for camp, the weather forecast was calling for thunder showers on Saturday night and rain all day Sunday. We had a flurry of emails between four Guiders, trying to decide what to do. We eventually decided to have pickup on Saturday after supper, instead of Sunday before lunch. That way, we could get the tents put away before the rain came!

We arrived Friday after supper and the girls all helped put up the tents. We had campfire with cup of soup and crackers for mug up. We woke up on Saturday morning to sun and clear skies. We had a great breakfast, because we added the food from Sunday's breakfast that we were going to miss, so we had eggs in a bag, toast, pop tarts, fruit, and yogurt tubes. After everything was washed up, we sent the girls off on a digital scavenger hunt (take pictures but don't take anything else). We had originally planned it as a group hike, but then decided the girls could go off on their own (in groups of 4 or 5, under strict orders not to leave anyone by herself). I was a little ticked off at the Pathfinder leader, because when our girls went off to do the Scavenger hunt , they didn't want to so they didn't have to, but their leader hadn't planned any other activities for them to do either. We're getting new Pathfinder leaders next year, and they'll expect more from the girls!

For lunch, we had the girls build small fires in groups of 3 or 4, and then they cooked hot dogs over their own fires! Some of them needed some help, but they were quite proud of themselves at accomplishing it and then cooking their own food! Around noon, the clouds rolled in and we got a little worried that we wouldn't get the tents put away in time, though we had taken down the leader tents while the girls were on hunt. We were rolling up the last tent when the first rain drops fell, so we were quite happy that we wouldn't have any tent to dry out later in the week.

For the rest of our day, it poured rain! We had a dining shelter, so some people were hanging out in there. Half the girls were sitting by the creek in their rain gear, singing songs and making up new words. The other half found an alcove of trees beside the dining shelter that shielded them from the rain and they read and chatted together. Then we got our big campfire started, because we were making tinfoil dinners for supper. Some of the girls helped us get it going, and as we sat around it, we had an impromptu campfire singalong. More and more girls pulled up chairs around the fire until almost everyone was out, singing. I started singing songs from when I was a Pathfinder, like Puff the Magic Dragon, The Unicorn Song, One Tin Soldier. Then one of the girls told me I was being too depressing, so I sang Boom Boom Ain't It Great to Be Crazy!

We had great embers and we got all the tin foil dinners in the spread out fire. We ate, cleaned up, and had our closing, where we talked about our two apples and an onion (good things and bad things about camp). Of course, the girls were all, "I have 5 apples and 3 onions!" and we let them list whatever they wanted, as long as they had more apples than onions. Their favourite things were sleeping in tents and the food; most onions were the rain! We earned a piece of the Yukon Climate Change patch. We ordered all 4 pieces, so we'll probably work on them next year too. I love challenges!

Parents arrived and took their wet girls home. It was a great end to a great year that we had with the girls. I know I should take a break, but I'm already thinking of things we can do next year!

Heather [userpic]

I'm new to the world of finances normally I don't do both, but my new leaders weren't really comfortable since i was the most experienced at running and organizing meetings 18 years to be exact 8 of those years in the same unit. I'm glad I'm dealing with this problem rather then one of them. I work over nights and don't go to school so I have a lot of time to deal with it.

My mom was our old Community Guider for half of my community and another lady was for the other half. They still get the e-mails from different people then I do. I was reading one of them of course with her p remission, I don't have it on me right now but basically the new "Transformation " of Guiding gets a failing grade. This was mainly about the banking system, which I'm 100% agreeing on what their saying.

I've had nothing but trouble with them. Here I am trying to pay everything off on time while their not doing their part. I'm trying to sort out another situation now the lady said she's going to call me back in ten minutes so thats good.

But I really am tired of this. I'm trying to pay off cookies I've asked for an extension becuase every time I'm looking at my banking account I'm missing more money. Yes I do have some waiting for Province to verify I notified my UA today. but , thats not it. What really stressed me out was Thursday Night before camp at the end of April we had over 500 dollars. When I checked the Monday I come home I stayed at my parents on Sunday I was down to 130. A good chunk  of cookie money gone. I swore and cursed and called up the ladies right away saying calmly " What happened????? " 

They were dummies according to her, my response in my head I called them assholes. They made a mistake of transferring out 210 dollars twice for Registration Money that they've already done in the fall. Registration money gets withdrawn from our account at the end of the year now ?? i don't think so ladies. She put the money back in, but it only went to 410. 110 dollars I'm missing still not sure where they went. My UA received the receipts today so she'll verify them.

They transfered out cookie money this week I only let them take out 200 dollars which by my calculations brought me down to 210 dollars. With the extra cookie money I added in Tuesday should have brought me back up to 400 dollars or more. Nope, I'm at 358. Which means something happened.....again.

The lady said that she'll call me back she's just finishing something up first and then she'll go through it with me. Thats nice, I wanted to go to the bank today to deposit a cheque I have for cookies now I have to wait for her phone call.

I don't like the new system because there IS no e-mail notification when huge amounts of money is withdrawn from your account from province. I  checked it this week because my cookie cord said to check it somewhere around May 18th but with other activities they don't tell you the exact day that their transferring out money.

All I want is a short e-mail saying " We've withdrawn your camp deposit for _____ this much. Or your Rally Day Money has been with drawn. " 

That way I can go on and check now I'm checking like every day just to make sure things are ifne. I have more cookie money to put in, but I'm afraid to right now. I have one leader who is not happy that she's not getting paid back for more then we asked her to get for camp. Thats another post! What am i suppose to pay her with? I have to pay cookies back first, before anything else. She was going on about how she won't see me to collect the money hello... i explained to her many times GGC will send her a cheque in the mail. She doesn't have to see me over the summer.

Anyone know a number or e-mail I can call / e-mail I've tried the unit banking one but no response back from my complaint. I'm taking this to head office. I've spoken to my unit administrator and my community guider knows the situation but the attitude I'm getting from the unit banking ladies is " we don't really care. " 

I'm looking for an e-mail prefer e-mails because I am hearing impaired and its hard now a days for me to use the phone. How do you like the new banking system?

Heather [userpic]

Happy Thinking Day to all my fellow Guiders, and girl members .

Heather McDonald
11th Kanata Brownies

I'm a former guider..and really there's some old items from the guide store.. I wonder if anyone has any ones they want to get rid of.

I was a brownie during the early '90's and I'm looking for:

-Brownies from around the world

Hilary [userpic]


I'm a Brownie Guider from the UK. As part of our centenary celebrations, we are sending a teddy bear around the world. I am looking for hosts willing to take care of browniebear100for a few days and post about her travels on the community browniebear_combefore sending her on to the next hosts.

Anyone interested? If you can't host Brownie Bear, you can still follow her travels on LJ.

Phaedra [userpic]

Hi everyone!

I know that this community isn't very active, but I figured that there might still be some readers out there. I decided a few weeks ago to get back into Guiding after four years away. I was a member of each girl level, and when I think of my childhood, my most treasured memories are those I have from Guiding. I was a Brownie and Guide leader in my late teens, so I contacted Guides Canada to see if they had a unit in my area that needed another leader.

Well - I found a spot! And it's a big one! I've agreed to take over a Brownie unit from two leaders that aren't returning, which means that after four years away from Guiding, I'm stepping into the big shoes talons of a Brown Owl!

I've got a mentor lined up and I've been assured that all I need is basically at my finger tips, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has any favourite resources for Brownies that they might be willing to share? Any advice? Websites? Books? I would be greatly appreciative!

Lanisatu [userpic]

I just heard about this site, which has a free newsletter you can subscribe to. My first though was that it sounds like a great resource for leaders.

Hope you like it:

Kate [userpic]

Are any of you ladies attending Provincial Annual in November?  It would be wonderful to meet some of you fun people!


Tacaya [userpic]

Hi ladies.

We've got seven positions still available for staff at Camp Can-ta-ka-ye, a Girl Guide Camp run off of the shores of Lake Diefenbaker in central Saskatchewan.

More information can be found on our website


or by contacting our Provincial Office
200-1530 Broadway Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 1E2
ph: (306) 757-4102
fax: (306) 347-0995

you can have my precious bones on my return [userpic]

I've been asked to give a shout out that Ontario Guiding is recruiting staff for all their summer camps. Click here for information on all the camps and positions available. (Most of the director/admin positions have been filled, but check out the other ones!)

If you're in the Ottawa area, or don't mind travelling, come hang out with me at Woolsey this summer! (Or, I guess, you can go to another camp if you really want...)

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